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2M in damage after fire at Tuckers Restaurant WASHINGTON A fire destroyed a popular restaurant in Upper Marlboro, Maryland Wednesday morning. fire at Tuckers Restaurant remains under investigation The fire, reported by a 911 caller, did about $2 million in damage. It was earlier reported to be about $1 million, but was later updated. The structure damage is estimated at about $1.3 million while the contents were valued at $700,000. More than 100 firefighters responded to the restaurant at 9205 Marlboro Pike, where heavy smoke was seen coming from the roof. The smoke could be seen for miles, according to callers to the WTOP Traffic Center. majority of the fire was located in the attic/roof area which continued to extend rapidly and grow in intensity, saysPrince George County Fire/EMS Department spokesman Mark Brady, in a news release. Prince George Fire Chief Mark Bashoor tweeted about the difficulty in battling the blaze in the roof. in fact, the roof did collapse a short time after our personnel evacuated, Bradytells WTOP Recon Op in progress pic of roof collapse. Tuckers, built in 1969, is a largestrip center that includes a liquor store, lounge and restaurant with carry out. to midnight. certainly will be missed by a lot of people in Prince George County, Brady tells WTOP. When firefighters were on the scene, parts of Marlboro Pike at Dower House Road, as well as Old Marlboro Pike, were closed. 2015 WTOP. It was both, restaurant with take out, bar and lounge, plus liquor store. It was much like Ripp in Bowie or a good many family restaurants (with liquor store side businesses) along Southern Maryland Road In its heyday, it was very popular on Sundays with church going families and with military from nearby Andrews AFB. You have to understand the county was much different and far more civilized 30 40 yrs ago, but then much of the country set a different social tone then. I take it you are not from around here, but a transplant? I remember as a kid in the 1960s they had older waitresses, we often got who must have been every bit of 70 years old and was still fast on her feet. They used to fill the back dining room on Sundays with people still in their church clothes. There were tropical fish tanks in the front dining room (which had a diner booth atmosphere) to amuse the kids till their lunch arrived. Kids could get Temple drinks, which were a treat. Real mints in a dish at the check out counter. It seemed to go downhill after the original owners son (Blair Tucker) sold the place and moved to Florida. He never would have allowed the crass outward appearance it had at the time of the fire. I never knew that part of the county. Went to Univ of Md so I became familiar with College Park, , Univ Park, Hyattsville, Greenbelt, Beltsville and the charms of Route One. I always enjoyed my years in the County including a several more years after college before work and love took me across the Potomac. There was a lefty steakhouse near campus, the cedar post clothing store, little professors bookshp. Greenbelt had a great steakhouse and a Chesapeake Bay seafood restaurant popular with hungry college kids. The greenbelt mall itself was a hoot. We used to laugh at the generic signage. Store. Oh, and the concerts at Largo! Saw Bruce Springsteen there. I regret not knowing the more rural areas back then. About the most I saw of PG farms was driving on Rte 50 To and fro the Bay Bridge. Never ever saw a tobacco barn or the southern part of the county. It is a shame so much low life has settled there. I grew up around conservative law abiding blacks so I am sure PG old timers, black and white alike, were unhappy with the deterioration. Briefly dated a girl who lived inside the Bway across from Andrews. I may trek over to UMCP this summer. Wonder if the campus ice cream shop is still by Rte One?good concerts at Cole and Ritchie also. Queen was utterly awesome at Cole Field House.

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