The Implementation Framework for is now available for Public Review. This review period is another step in a series of consultations that has driven the process to this success point. The series of consultations included, in particular,  review sessions,  sector workshops,  focus groups, technical sessions and validation workshops.

The process was well supported and there was much enthusiasm for the range of consensus-building activities. Stakeholders from the private sector, the public sector, civil society, our young persons and the diaspora gave unstintingly of their time, making an invaluable investment through their well-considered inputs for the various sectors and areas of interest which they represented.  A participation level essay capital of over 300 representatives was achieved.

Promotional activities continue through ZJB Radio. In support of these activities, the Policy and Planning Department (PPD) wishes to graciously acknowledge the support of the 32 proud sponsors (individuals and the private sector) who not only provided the gifts for the winning participants, but further showed their commitment to the process of planning for Montserrat’s development by sharing their ideas and participating in some of the sessions.

The PPD is encouraged by the tremendous support as it continues to lead this exercise to fruition by making available a sound planning framework for Montserrat in the Medium Term Development Framework 2013-2017, Continuing the Journey to Sustainable Prosperity.

Now available: